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When she came to Canada 14 years ago, Deborah Ntawigirira wanted to bring a piece of her native Burundi with her.  So she made an arrangement with her mother to send freshly-harvested "ikawa" beans to her newly adopted home.  Ikawa, or coffee, is just one of the thousands of crops that grow in the lush tropical highlands of Burundi, but it is one that has particular significance for its people.  It is a source of community, of shared pride and reliable income for many.  The beans that Deborah and her mother choose for IZERE Coffee are harvested organically by some of Burundi's many coffee cooperatives.  They are traded directly to ensure that the benefits accrue right to the communities that grow and harvest them.  And at the other end is you: a Canadian with a cup of Burundi magic in your hands.  Please enjoy.

Whole beans.  454g

Izere Coffee Burundi Roast

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